FluidX ImpressionWhole Rack Scanners for 1D and 2D Barcodes

FluidX Impression Range of Rack Scanners for 2D Barcoded Tubes

Based on scanning technology and form the backbone of many sample storage and tracking systems.

Our Impression systems offer the best optical quality within a rapid, small footprint, scanner form.


Advanced Data Export Options and Report Design

When used in conjunction with our new IntelliCode™ software, Impression scanners offer the most

advanced data export options available and link easily to database sample tracking and LIMS systems.

Compatible with MS Word templates with powerful design and formatting capabilities to create

professional customised reports.


Reading Rack Unique 2D Barcode Identifier

FluidX racks can be supplied with a unique 2D barcode identifier.

All our rack readers are able to read rack and tube 2D barcodes simultaneously to provide automatic rack

orientation and additional sample security.


"Mirror" Linear Barcode Reader

FluidX rack scanners with an integrated “mirror” linear barcode reader provide automatic and

simultaneous scanning of rack linear barcodes.


Opticon Linear Barcode Reader

The use of an Opticon linear barcode reader simplifies robotic integration and is ideal for decoding more

challenging (non-FluidX) linear barcodes.


Rack Profiles Save Set Up Time

When a specific rack layout is used routinely a custom rack profile can be set up. E.g. When a row

remains empty within a 96 format rack, or control tubes are placed in specific positions on a regular



Swap Between 96 and 48 Format Racks Without Making Changes

Once rack profiles have been set up (or using the rack profiles provided) our IntelliCode software will

automatically determine which rack type is being used and select the appropriate profile for decoding and

exporting tube data.

Now you can switch between 96 and 48 format racks without making any changes to the reader or



Automation Friendly

All FluidX rack readers have a gripper cutout section around the scan window to provide easy robotic

handling of shallow racks.


“No tube” Feature

FluidX whole rack readers are able to discriminate between a tube with a barcode that cannot be decoded

and an empty rack position. The reader will not attempt to decode empty tube positions and so data files

are kept “clean”.

Reading speed is optimised as wasted data entry is avoided.



2D rack ID
Mirror linear barcode reader
Opticon linear barcode reader
Gripper cutout section
No tube feature
ISBER International Society for Biological and Environmental Respositories ESBB European, Middle Eastern, and African Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking