FluidX Active Cryoprotection® System

FluidX readers fitted with our unique Active Cryoprotection® system are capable of reading multiple racks of tubes without the build-up of frost or condensation on the underside of the glass affecting decoding reliability.


Unlike passive versions, an active cryoprotection system also helps to prevent damage to electronic components within the reader caused by the build up of moisture.


This system was introduced 4 years ago and now has a proven track record.

The FluidX Active Cryoprotection System achieves 100% decoding after reading more than 40 racks from a -20ºC freezer.



With Active Cryoprotection system


Without Active Cryoprotection system


Readers tested with tubes stored at -80ºC

Number of racks read before reading issues arose

Rack Reader with FluidX Active Cryoprotection System

Non-FluidX Rack Readers

More than 40 racks

2 racks

1 rack

Readers and Scanners that are available with FluidX Active Cryoprotection® system :


FluidX ImpressionTM Enhanced Rack Scanner

FluidX ImpressionTM Enhanced Rack Scanner (LE)

FluidX ImpressionTM Multi Rack Scanner

FluidX PerceptionTM Industrial Rack Reader

FluidX PerceptionTM SBS Rapid Rack Reader

FluidX PerceptionTM Legacy Rapid Rack Reader



ISBER International Society for Biological and Environmental Respositories ESBB European, Middle Eastern, and African Society for Biopreservation and Biobanking